Website Directions


To edit your page, please first navigate to the page you wish to edit. Once there, you will see a small pencil icon in the top right corner - if you click on it, you will open a text-editing box (much like Microsoft Word) where you may make any changes/additions to your page.

If you want to add pictures, click on the “Image” button under the text editor (next to “Pagebreak”) – it will open a box for you to browse for your picture and upload it to the site. You will then choose it from the pictures above to insert. So, the order is: Image > Browse > Start Upload > Choose picture from the group of pictures > Insert.

(Therefore, adding pictures is a 2-step process: step 1 is to browse/upload your picture so that it becomes one of the little pictures in the collection above - step 2 is to choose the picture from the collection above and click "Insert".)


To add a pdf or other document to your page, please click here for directions.


Again, if you have any questions/problems, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 516-448-4993.

Stephanie Larkin