April 19, 2015 - St. Anselm Celebrates Monsignor Maloney's 40th Anniversary of Ordination

So Much To Be Thankful For!


On April 19th Parishioners gathered to give thanks and celebrate two important St. Anselm milestones:  the completion of the renovation work to the church and the 40th Anniversary of our Monsignor Maloney’s Ordination to the Priesthood.  The special day began with the 12pm mass.  Before the final blessing, Monsignor Maloney spoke movingly of his priestly vocation. He thanked his Mother and Father for being good parents, for providing a home in which his faith was nurtured, and for encouraging his decision to enter the priesthood. Likewise, he thanked his brother and sister for their support of his ministry. Monsignor then asked his mother and brother, Robert, to stand at which point the congregation greeted them with warm applause.

Monsignor noted that in addition to his home life it was the example of the wonderful priests he knew growing up in his home Parish, St. John the Evangelist, whose grade school he attended and at Most Holy Trinity High School, who inspired him to choose the priesthood.

Msgr. Maloney spoke about the other important reason to celebrate – the completion of the renovation work done on the church, the school, and other parish buildings in the six years he has been pastor. Fixing drains and plumbing, weather proofing windows, the installation of new vestibule doors, the cleaning of the exterior bronze doors, and repainting sections of the interior of the church damaged by water were spoken about. Monsignor particularly thanked the company and workers who completed the rewiring of the church and installed the gorgeous new lighting fixtures in time for a brighter Christmas.

Surrounded in the sanctuary by Msgr. Phillips, Fr. Kull, Fr. Saffron, co-celebrants at the Mass, and Deacon Davis, Monsignor Maloney noted that he had been blessed over the years to live in rectories with many fine fellow priests, especially here at St. Anselm, men who are devout and committed to their vocation and are also ready to enjoy some “good laughs”. Monsignor concluded his remarks by observing that while there certainly had been some rough moments, occasions of stress over the years, he never once has regretted answering the call to the priesthood. The appreciative members of St. Anselm’s congregation greeted his words with warm and enthusiastic applause.

Parishioners then joined Monsignor’s family and friends in Meletia Hall for a wine & cheese reception followed by coffee, tea, cookies and a beautiful 40th Anniversary Cake!

The highlight of the reception was the toast offered by Dan Texeira, Facilitator of the St. Anselm Pastoral Planning Council in which he saluted and thanked Monsignor for his years of service as a priest and in particular for his service at St. Anselm. With warmth and humor Dan spoke about the changes Brooklyn and Msgr. Maloney have experienced over the past four decades and expressed the wish that we would be fortunate to have him in ministry with us at St. Anselm for many years more. Monsignor observed that one of the important aspects of being a parish priest was to have the support and love of a parish family such as he has enjoyed here at St. Anselm. Monsignor again acknowledged the presence of his mother and brother and noted that his sister, who no longer lives in the area, would have liked to be present. After the brief ceremony Monsignor cut the first piece of his 40th Anniversary cake for good luck!

Before coming to St. Anselm, Monsignor Maloney served as pastor in St. Mary Magdalene (1988-2006) and as Episcopal Vicar/pastor (2004-2009).

He was ordained on April 19th, 1975 at St. Ephrem Church, and has served as a parish priest in St. Jerome (1975-1981), St. Pascal (1981-1988). Monsignor is a graduate of Cathedral College and attended Immaculate Conception Seminary.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations and thanks to our wonderful pastor, Monsignor Maloney, for his priestly service among us at St. Anselm, his loving oversight of the renovation and rejuvenation of our beautiful church, and on his 40 years of faithful service as a priest.  Monsignor, you and St. Anselm just keep getting better and better! 

All the Best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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