May 2015 - Fr. Saffron's Spring Garden

Seeds Scattered and Sown


In August of 2014 it was our pleasure to offer St. Anselm parishioners a glimpse of Fr. Saffron’s rectory garden with a brief article and photo set of the crops then being harvested. We are happy to share Father’s most recent efforts with the planting this month of the new spring garden.


This May Father Saffron prepared the soil and placed seedlings for his 2015 garden located in the enclosed space flanked by the sacristy and the rectory. Herbs, such as parsley, mint (placed in the soil, but kept potted so that it will not “take over”), leeks, basil, and rosemary, as well as tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, peppers, string beans, varieties of lettuce and zucchini were planted. Marigolds, once again were placed as a deterrent against insects, as was a large potted citronella plant, hung in the center of the tilled patch.


This spring, in lieu of rescued Christmas poinsettias, Father has turned his green thumb efforts to several of the Easter azaleas in the hope that they will settle in and become permanent fixtures of the garden.


In addition to the outside garden, Father has planted an herb garden window box in the rectory kitchen so that the priests can enjoy the freshest of herbs in the meals prepared in the rectory.


We wish Fr. Saffron success in his efforts and look forward to regular updates during the growing season.


Mother Earth

by St. Francis of Assisi


Dear mother earth, who day by day

Unfolds rich blessing on our way,

O praise God! Alleluia!

The fruits and flowers that verdant grow,

Let them his praise abundant show.

O praise God, O praise God,

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!


All the Best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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