May 29, 2015 - The Butterflies are Free at SACA!

On Friday, May 29th the St. Anselm Catholic Academy (SACA) students from Pre-K 4 invited their young friends in Pre-K 3 to join them in saying farewell to 6 very special guests – their classroom butterflies!


The Pre-K 4 “scientists” enjoyed observing the butterfly lifecycle from caterpillar (larvae) to chrysalis (pupa) and then emerging as beautiful, healthy butterflies. The students were also able to watch in awe as the butterflies sipped the juice from orange wedges and strawberry pieces for their nourishment. But soon it was time for our 6 wondrous insects to leave.

The classes waited for a bright, sunny day to release the butterflies in the SACA courtyard. Pre-K 4 teacher Mrs. Davies reviewed the butterfly lifecycle with the students and explained that they would find nectar to drink in the nearby flowers. The first butterfly bravely flew out of the “Butterfly Habitat”, but the others remained (maybe the fruit was too tasty!) and were coaxed out by our nature expert, Mrs. Milner. Once all the butterflies were fluttering by, the students celebrated the event with cookies, songs and a story. It was a wonderful time for all!

We wish our butterflies a wonderful life and hope to see them (or their offspring) again. Special thanks to the Pre-K teachers: Mrs. Davies, Mrs. Burdo, Mrs. Milner and Miss Eileen for a wonderful afternoon and additional thanks to our Principal, Mr. McKeon for sharing the celebration with our junior scientists at SACA!

All the best,
The St. Anselm Publicity Committee 

(CLICK HERE for photos)