September 4, 2015 - Fr. Stephen's Bountiful Harvest

Father Stephen’s Bountiful Harvest of 2015


We visited our Fr. Stephen Saffron’s garden in May and again in September and are happy to report that he enjoyed a banner year.  Little plantings grew big and healthy, yielding a bumper crop of tomatoes, cukes, eggplant, string beans, leeks, various types of peppers, zucchini, arugula, basil, dill, lavender, rosemary, sage, chocolate mint, and beautiful purple basil.  Fr. Stephen also planted marigolds and hung a citronella basket in the center of the garden patch to help keep the pesky garden insects at bay.  Our resident farmer passed along another gardening tip of hanging a child’s sock filled with mothballs near your dill plants to repel the caterpillars that destroy dill plants.  In addition to veggies and herbs, Father planted rose bushes, dahlias, petunias and of course, the rescued Easter azaleas.  Sadly, one of the rose bushes was lost, but the remaining plants and bushes are thriving. Good job F (arme) r. Stephen!


All the Best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee



Blessing of the Harvest


Almighty Lord God, You keep on giving abundance

to men in the dew of heaven, 

and food out of the richness of the soil.


We give thanks to Your most gracious majesty 

for the fruits of the field which we have gathered.

We beg of You, in Your mercy, to bless our harvest, 

which we have received from Your generosity.


Preserve it, and keep it from all harm.

Grant, too, that all those whose desires You have filled with these good things may be happy in Your protection.


May they praise Your mercies forever, 

and make use of the good things that do not last 

in such a way that they may not lose those goods 

that are everlasting,

through Christ our Lord. Amen.



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