Save Our Parish Building


The photos that follow show the spring 2014 status of the School Building:  deep crevices in the exterior masonry, crumbling parapets, aging roofing, and fissures in brickwork around windows due to time and weathering.  Infiltration of water into cracks and failed joints has caused exterior masonry to drop off the building – very dangerous.


Users of the School Building

The School Building is an important parish asset.  Classrooms are leased by St. Anselm Catholic Academy; however, the Academy does not own the building.  Rather the parish owns the School Building and must maintain it.  The School Building is also used by Youth Activities, Young At Heart, Faith Formation ( Colbert Center ), and Sunday Socials after Mass.  If the School Building is allowed to decay, all these programs would cease.


2014 Repairs

The summer and fall 2014 School Building repair plan consists of repairs and replacement of the parapet, masonry work, limestone work, brick and stone pointing, asbestos abatement, and miscellaneous costing $322,025.  However, once work has started, additional work may be required after outer walls are removed.


Future Repairs

Experts have recommended a second stage of repairs over a one to three year period estimated at $162,273.  Also, they have recommended a third phase of ongoing maintenance estimated at $301,225.  The total of all three phases is estimated at $785,523, assuming no unexpected additional requirements.

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