Pastoral Planning Council


Msgr. John Maloney

Fr. Anthony Alimnonu

Gary Williams (Ad Hoc Member)

Jeanine Condon

Florence Diaz

Barbara Fabris

Chris Gallagher

Mary Gelormino

Bob Kassenbrock

Eileen Loughlin

Bernadette McLaughlin

Regina McPadden

Kim Parker

Michele Soto

Eileen White


 In the fall of 2013 the PPC held an assembly where parishioners input was taken and reviewed.  As a result of these dialogues we have instituted the following:

1. The PPC has initiated monthly Sunday Socials through its Social Committee to bring parishioners together, particularly young families and children.  This also ties in to highlighting at Mass, classes at St. Anselm Academy, Youth Activities, or Religious Education Program.

2. Increased communication: The PPC has created a parish website which is continually kept up to date with information about the Parish, Masses, Ministries, current events, and more.  Posters of Parish events are constantly updated at the back of the Church.  Information about what is happening at the Parish is posted on our Facebook page.

3. Workforce Ministry provides parishioners, the members of the Bay Ridge community, and beyond with the knowledge and tools necessary for finding employment, changing careers, or starting their own business.  This Ministry has held several large programs over the past years, often on or two each year.

4. There was a strong need for a Consolation Ministry and this has been accomplished, helping parishioners at a very difficult time, offering solace, assisting with prayers, and funeral services, and making the process more peaceful and easier.  We do need more members.

5. The Church History Guide informs people about the history of St. Anselm and about the historical details of the Church and the meaning of various symbols within the Church.  This has been created in a comprehensive booklet form, is now on the website, including photos and explanations, and a smaller trifold brochure is being created.

6. Respect for Life is a committee that has evolved and become more encompassing of many areas of life and death.

7. The Parish has undertaken much needed repairs including better lighting, which was important to most parishioners.

In addition to creating the new ministries, they have become more active and more ongoing.

The Parish Council is now in the process of hosting a new Assembly, which may be conducted through an online process, in order to determine current needs of our parishioners.  We will once again look to our parishioners for their ideas.