The Baptismal Font

Contemporary practice of the church requires that all the chief locations for liturgical functions be in the main body of the church so that the entire people gathered for the celebration may take part. To this end the placement of the font in the baptistry at the base of the belfry was no longer an acceptable expression of the activity for which the font exists, receiving a person into the body of the faithful. In 2007 the font was moved from its old placement to the nave on an axis of the two nave confessionals. To provide a fitting space for the font three rows of pews were removed from the north side of the nave and the two confessionals in the nave were changed into a shrine dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and an aumbry, for the storing in public view of the oils used in the administration of the sacraments.

The font, designed by Leif Niandross, the same artist who created the mosaic of Saint Anselm in the sanctuary, is of Verde Issorie marble. The octagonal shape is symbolic of the seven days of creation, of the week, carried on in an endless cycle. It is elegantly carved and gilded with a simple wave pattern around its base and a beautiful depiction of the Baptism of Our Lord.