The Choir and Organ Lofts

The church has two lofts. A choir loft is located above the ground floor of the (82nd Street) north transept. A second and larger loft, situated above the Fourth Avenue main entrance, was originally used for additional seating.

The north transept loft is used for the children’s choir and holds a modern electric organ as well as a piano. The small stained glass windows are filled with highly translucent glass to allow light to freely enter the space. These windows hold designs associated with music in the tradition of the Roman church: a tiara and crosier for Saint Gregory and a beehive for Saint Ambrose, two saints closely connected with traditional schools of chant – Gregorian and Ambrosian, and a harp for King David, the great psalmist, and an organ for Saint Cecilia.

The loft above the Fourth Avenue entrance has for years housed an organ and served as a second choir loft. The windows represent the heavenly choir playing instruments. A monumental cross in brick fills the entire wall above and holds the façade’s Pentecost window in its center. The Descent of the Holy Spirit is expressed by the 12 tongues of flame, which came to rest above the heads of the disciples in the upper room, giving them courage to carry the good news out into the world, as we must also do.