September 20, 2013 – Welcome Back Sunday Social & Farewell to Fr. Anthony

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back! 

And Farewell to Fr. Anthony


Our Welcome Back Weekend was a busy one at St. Anselm!  Those attending had the opportunity to register as a St. Anselm parishioner, receive information regarding the Faith Direct Program, and become a member or volunteer in our many organizations and ministries.  

Welcome Back Weekend was also the kick-off for our first Sunday Social of the School Year.  Parishioners of all ages had a marvelous time meeting new friends, greeting old friends, and eating tasty donuts! 

Many thanks to our wonderful Sunday Social Volunteers for all their work setting up, serving, and cleaning up after the event.



Farewell to our Friend Fr. Anthony

Our friend, Father Anthony, will be leaving St. Anselm at the end of the month.  He will return to Africa to teach in a seminary there.  Father has assisted at St. Anselm for 8 years — presenting thoughtful homilies and being a wonderful, warm presence in our Bay Ridge Community.  We will miss him greatly and sincerely hope that he will return to visit his friends at St. Anselm.  Please keep Fr. Anthony and his seminarians in your thoughts and prayers as we say:  

Hausa: naa goodee

Igbo: ee-may-nah                  

Yoruba: eh-sheh-wuh

French: Merci   

English: Thank you for all he has done for us!  

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee