December 23, 2015 – Decorating St. Anselm Church for Christmas

While marveling at the unseasonably warm spring-like temperatures, Saint Anselm parishioners gathered on the evening of December 23rd to decorate the church for Christmas.

Poinsettias, red and white, big and small, were put in red or gold sleeves, watered and placed around the altar, the shrines, the pulpit, the baptismal font and crèche (still waiting for the Baby Jesus to be lovingly placed on Christmas Eve). Garland, wreaths, and banners were hung and bows were freshened, and all was adjusted, adjusted, adjusted – to make the church beautiful for the celebration of the Nativity.

All of this – thanks to our priests, the parish custodial staff, the volunteers who comprise the St. Anselm Decorating Committee and you, our wonderful parishioners, whose generous support makes all of this beauty possible.

Thank you for your gifts and service to the parish at Christmas and throughout the year.

All the Best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

(CLICK HERE for pictures)