December 24, 2014 – Let There Be Light!

You may have noticed wiring hanging down from the old chandeliers in the main body of our Church during Advent.  The new wiring was installed out of great necessity for safety and to allow for our gorgeous new chandeliers.  Unfortunately, the old fixtures required huge incandescent bulbs that are no longer available and could not be retrofitted with new LED bulbs and so new lighting was needed.  Our new chandeliers use ¼ the wattage while giving us a brighter light by which to see the many beautiful attributes of our Church!


The new chandeliers, which resemble those in the choir loft, were created by the Rambusch Company, which designed the original lighting. 


Before the final blessing at the 8 AM Mass on Christmas Eve morning, Msgr. Phillips congratulated Msgr. Maloney on the completion of the new lighting and described it as a fitting way to celebrate the coming of the light of Christ in our lives this Christmas Season.


All the Best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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