January 31, 2016 – St. Anselm Sunday Social Celebrates Catholic Schools Week

Parishioners, teachers, staff, alumni and Board Members of St. Anselm Catholic Academy  (SACA) came together on Sunday, January 31st, a week after the second biggest snowstorm on record in New York City to celebrate Catholic Schools Week at St. Anselm. The first Sunday Social of 2016, co-hosted by SACA grades 2 & 3 and the St. Anselm Pastoral Planning Council, was a gathering for parishioners to greet each other after the “holidays” and the blizzard, and an opportunity for prospective parents and students to meet some of the Academy’s wonderful teachers and staff while learning about the great educational programs and extra curricular activities offered at St. Anselm Catholic Academy, as well as the outstanding record of Scholarships awarded to students heading to high school. Parishioners, at the Social, sent expressions of their “Get Well” wishes and prayers to Fr. Kull for a speedy and full recovery.


Robotics, chess, science projects, and the artwork and literary efforts of the early childhood grades were on display in the McMahon Auditorium, along with the history of the School at the Alumni Association table. Classrooms and labs were available to view through conducted tours offered by Principal Jim McKeon. 


 We thank our wonderful Academy teachers, staff and parents for spotlighting the achievements of our imaginative, inquisitive, and hard working Academy students and for sharing with the parish and the community all the fantastic accomplishments achieved at the Academy. 


For more information on the wonderful programs and activities offered at St. Anselm Catholic Academy go to www.sacany.org


And, as always, we thank our wonderful volunteers for helping to set-up, serve, and cleanup.  It could never happen without you. 


All the Best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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