July 31, 2016 – St. Anselm Blood Drive

 On a hot muggy Sunday, July 31, 2016, Saint Anselm Parish held its second “Summer Blood Drive”. With this drive, St. Anselm met the digital age. Members of the Holy Name Society still greeted donors as they entered Meletia Hall in the basement of St. Anselm Catholic Academy, steering them to the correct stations and thanking them for coming as they left. But, they no longer gave out forms. A set of New York Blood Center dedicated laptops replaced forms and made a paper trail a thing of the past. Having a New York Blood Center donor card facilitated the transition for many. But, when donors found themselves digitally challenged, helpful members of the Blood Center staff assisted them to get over the bumps.

After completing their “forms” on the laptop, donors then moved on to have their medical histories, blood pressures and iron levels checked. All the preliminary steps completed the donors went to the 4th Avenue side of the hall to wait their turn on special lounge chairs to make their donation. Several donors made the choice to give multiple products, which takes a little longer, but makes their gift so much more valuable to the Blood Center. It is the size of Meletia Hall that allows for the donation of “multiple products” and makes St. Anselm an ideal donation site.

After completing their donation, people moved to the canteen table to refresh themselves with water, juices and salty and sugary treats, all with the blessing of the medical profession – it helps to bring the donors blood pressure and sugar levels back up to normal.

A “Thank You” to the gracious, efficient and professional staff of the New York Blood Center for making this worthwhile experience easy and comfortable for the more than three dozen donors, and to the donors for their “gift of life”, and to St. Anselm Parish and the Holy Name Society for sponsoring this wonderful event.


Did you know?

  • Blood donation is safe and simple
  • Donating blood saves lives
  • Blood donations are needed daily
  • Donations are good for only 35 – 42 days
  • Donors should eat before donating
  • Donors must bring a photo ID, or a NY Blood Center Donor Card


To learn more about Blood Donation, or to find out about future New York Blood Center Drives scheduled in our area, go to:


The New York Blood Center

1-800-933-BLOOD (2566)



All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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