March 26, 2016 – Decorating the Church for Easter

St. Anselm volunteer decorators met the morning of March 26th to transform our church for Easter celebrations.  White Easter lilies, and colorful azaleas and hydrangeas were placed in the unadorned Sanctuary, around the Altar, and throughout the church to remind us of the most important time in our church year – the Resurrection of our Lord.

Volunteers placed additional plants in front of the shrines and by the baptismal font to “renew” every part of the church.  Our beautiful banner “The Resurrection and the Life” was hung as well, however our small statue of the Resurrected Christ was deemed too chipped for display.  Happily, a wonderful anonymous donor provided the necessary funds, which enabled us to purchase a breath-taking new statue, which arrived Easter Monday.

We at St. Anselm have many people to thank:  parishioners who donated to the Easter plant fund which enabled us to purchase the beautiful plants, our anonymous donor for providing us with a beautiful new Easter statue, and to the many volunteers who gave their time and talent to ready our church for Easter.  Easter Season lasts for 49 days until Pentecost.  We wish you all a most joyous Easter!

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee 

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