March 29, 2015 – Holy Name Society Palm Sunday Blood Drive

March 29, 2015 – Holy Name Society Palm Sunday Blood Drive



Holy Name Society

Palm Sunday Blood Drive 


This year for the first time, the traditional spring blood drive of the Holy Name Society for the benefit of the New York Blood Center was held on Palm Sunday. And, for the first time, students from St. Anselm Catholic Academy, who had learned about the importance of blood donation through the NY Blood Center’s “Little Doctors” program served as volunteers.


Holy Name Society members greeted donors as they entered Meletia Hall and helped them to “get started” on the donation process: filling out forms for their medical history before having staff from the NY Blood Center check their histories and take their blood pressure. St. Anselm Academy’s “Little Docs” sat with donors to make sure that they were not feeling “woozy” before leaving.


The Director for the Drive expressed appreciation:

On behalf of the New York Blood Center, I would like to thank you for sponsoring a blood drive with St. Anselm’s R.C. Church on March 29, 2015.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you and your organization to produce such a successful drive.  The event registered 35 people to donate and collected 30 lifesaving units of blood, which helped up to 82 patients! These units will be separated into their components and distributed to patients in hospitals throughout the area, including Lutheran Medical and the VA Hospital.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


The New York Blood Center

1-800-933-BLOOD (2566)

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