April 15, 2017 – Decorating the Church for Easter

It was cold and damp Holy Saturday morning as the “decorators” gathered to adorn St. Anselm Church for the holiest day of our calendar—Easter. And there was a vision of blue, purple, pink, magenta, and white flowers awaiting them. Everyone quickly got busy watering and then arranging the azaleas, hydrangeas, and Easter lilies around the altar, in front of the Baptismal Font and by the beautiful shrines. The pressed altar cloth was lovingly placed along with the Easter banner and the statue of the Risen Christ. Old friends worked and caught up with each other discussing Easter plans while checking to see what else needed to be done to prepare our beautiful church for Easter. We thank our Decorating Committee members: Danielle, Frank, Linda, Kim, Bernadette, Florence, Patrick, Ossie, Justin, Bob, Eileen, Cono, Deacon Simon, Fr. Stephen, & Msgr. Maloney for their commitment. We are also grateful to our generous parishioners for their Easter Flower donations. It could never happen without your support.
All the best,
The St. Anselm Publicity Committee 

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