August 2017 – Fr. Stephen’s Garden 2017


Spring was a busy time in Fr. Stephen’s garden as he and then-Seminarian Simon readied the ground for this year’s crops.  The gardeners planted “Epic” eggplant, several varieties of heirloom tomatoes, beets, sweet peas, strawberries, carrots (Did you know that the Dutch gave the carrot its orange color?), hot red cherry peppers, ghost peppers (in honor of Father Anthony’s Holy Ghost Hospital), arugula, a late crop of potatoes, herbs including mint, rosemary, basil, sorrel (which is used in Eastern European and Jewish cooking), and lavender to help keep the mosquitos away. 

Father Stephen planted something new this year—horseradish, which will be grated and combined with vinegar, salt and pepper to make horseradish sauce at Easter! 

Another pleasant surprise is a two-year old fig tree which parishioners gave Fr. Stephen for his birthday.  Father named his tree “Nathaniel” after a biblical passage referencing a fig tree.  Nathaniel is going strong and even has a small fig growing.

The crops are now being harvested and the priests at St. Anselm are enjoying the fruits (herbs and veggies) of the gardeners’ labors! 

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee


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