December 22, 2016 – Decorating the Church for Christmas 2016

On Thursday evening, December 22nd our wonderful parishioners came together, as they do each year, to decorate St. Anselm Church for Christmas. Wreathes had already been hung, unlit Christmas trees flanked the high altar, Nativity sets (with a welcome addition to the interior crèche – a shepherd boy) had been positioned – all thanks to our devoted priests, volunteers and custodial staff. And outside, the church was festive with the beautiful array of lighted Advent Trees.


All that remained to be done was the hanging of garland, the placement of banners, and the positioning of scores, upon scores, upon scores, of poinsettias around shrines, the baptismal font and the altar. Like little elves, more than a dozen parishioners busily scurried about placing and watering each plant, and setting it by height and color to create a beautiful arrangement to express the joy of the Feast of Christmas.


Thanks to our priests, the parish custodial staff, the volunteers who comprise the St. Anselm Decorating Committee, junior volunteers Brent, Jake, and Siena and you, our wonderful parishioners, whose generous support makes all of this beauty possible, the church was ready for the celebration of Christmas. 


Thank you to all the St. Anselm parishioners for your gifts and service to the parish at Christmas and throughout the year.


In less than two days, at the 5 PM Christmas Eve Vigil Mass, statues of the Baby Jesus would be lovingly placed, the great central candle of the Advent Wreath would be lit, carols would be sung, and Christmas would be here.


All the Merry Best,


The St. Anselm Publicity Committee


(CLICK HERE for photos)