December 23, 2017 – Decorating the Church for Christmas





On the afternoon of December 23rd parishioners gathered in St. Anselm to help decorate the church for Christmas 2017.  Thanks to the wonderful preliminary work and planning of Fr. Saffron and Cono, the sanctuary Christmas trees, crèche (with the exception of Baby Jesus) and wreathes around the interior had already been placed. 



Awaiting the volunteers was the hanging of garland along the sanctuary railing, the hanging of banners, and… the placement of scores of poinsettias around the church – a job, which first required the removal of protective plastic wrapping and the placing of golden decorative watering trays, before each plant could be positioned. The baptismal font and each shrine was graced with a plant, while in the sanctuary, special attention was lavished on the altar. The poinsettias were lovingly adjusted to show their best side, placed by height, and watered with care. 


Our thanks to the parishioners of St. Anselm for their generous support of the Christmas Decorating Collection, to the wonderful Advent Trees Committee – Phyllis, Kim, and Michele, whose hard work and dedication create such a beautiful and festive church exterior, and to Santa’s many helpers who gathered on a Saturday afternoon: Fr. Saffron. Anne, Bob, Cono, Danielle, Eileen, Florence, Frank, Justin, Linda, Philip, and Regina…

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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