February 12, 2017 – St. Anselm Sunday Social

The amount of daylight was growing longer and we were more than half way through winter to the start of spring. But, thanks to the cold sleety weather and the recent major snow storm, that had given St. Anselm Catholic Academy children (and staff) two days off and made “getting around” difficult for all of us, everyone coming into the McMahon Auditorium on Sunday, February 12th, was reminded that winter was still very much with us. And so, the opportunity to enjoy warm friendship, along with coffee, tea, hot chocolate and tasty treats at our second Sunday Social of 2017 was more than welcome.



With Valentine’s Day only two days away the refreshments table was bedecked with pink and red colored treats, while the table itself was decorated with heart banners and red foil wrapped Hershey’s Kisses. Even our Sunday Social mascot – the St. Anselm squirrel was festooned with lighted hearts. In keeping with the approaching Valentine’s holiday, the children at the Arts and Crafts table designed hearts with marker, colored pencil, and GLITTER!


Everyone who came following the conclusion of the 10 am Mass, as well as visitors who were getting together with family or friends before attending the 12 noon Mass had a wonderful time thanks to the hard work of our capable and dedicated Sunday Social Committee (Thank You!) who put out the tasty and attractive spread, served, and cleaned up with a smile.


Our next Sunday Social will be: Sunday, March 19th, the day before the arrival of spring – see you then!


All the Best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee