January 29, 2017 – January Sunday Social & Catholic Schools Week

Our first Sunday Social of 2017 was a resounding success as St. Anselm parishioners and prospective St. Anselm Catholic Academy (SACA) families came together on January 29th in the McMahon Auditorium to enjoy donuts and a cup of coffee, tea or the ever-popular hot cocoa (with or without marshmallows!) to celebrate the start of Catholic Schools Week. The auditorium was a showplace for all the wonderful learning and activities SACA has to offer students and families–with videos and poster boards highlighting what makes SACA so special. Events continued during the week with a Tuesday Open House, Wednesday Sports Day, Thursday’s Crazy Sock Day and other activities (informative, educational, and fun) that highlighted the great programs offered at St. Anselm Catholic Academy. 


Families and parishioners were also able to take tours of the Academy, meet the wonderful SACA teachers and see the exciting education going on in the classrooms.  


There are many people to thank for this Social.  We thank our terrific Sunday Social Committee members for setting up, serving, and cleaning up. 


Thanks also to Principal James McKeon, the SACA teachers & staff, parent volunteers, and the student volunteers for a job well done! We would also like to thank our Parish Priests: Msgr. Maloney, Msgr. Phillips, Fr. Kull, and Fr. Stephen for their continued commitment to Catholic Education.  And dear parishioners, we thank you as well for proving once again what a vibrant Parish St. Anselm is.  


Visit www.sacany.org for more about the wonderful programs offered at St. Anselm Catholic Academy.


   See you at the next Sunday Social on February 12th  


All the best,


The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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