June 4, 2017 – Fr. Szymon Galazyn’s First Mass

Fr. Szymon Galazyn’s First Mass

Pentecost Sunday, June 4, 2017


What a wonderful weekend for Fr. Szymon, his immediate family members and his St. Anselm Parish “family” as newly-ordained Fr. Szymon celebrated his first Mass at his American “home” Parish of St. Anselm!  Fr. Szymon, along with Deacon Davis and concelebrants Msgr. Maloney, Msgr. Phillips, Msgr. Noone (OLA Parish), Fr. Kull, Fr. Saffron, and Fr. McIlhenney (St. Patrick’s) said his first Mass for the many parishioners who attended the 1:30pm Mass on Sunday, June 4th. 

Following the Mass Fr. Szymon placed flowers at the Tabernacle to honor the Blessed Trinity and at the Shrine of the Virgin Mary.  He then presented his family with gifts and thanked them in his native Polish.  In addition, Fr. Szymon thanked Bro. Robert, Sr. Regina, and Deacon Davis and each priest at St. Anselm for their help in shaping him as a priest – Msgr. Maloney acting as a “father figure”, Msgr. Phillips for his warm sense of humor, Fr. Kull for teaching him how to craft a homily and Fr. Saffron for his friendship.  Fr. Szymon thanked the parish for their prayers and in talking about his own home life, encouraged families to make their home – a church.

Another highlight of the Mass was the glorious singing of the St. Anselm Adult Choir, also thanked by Fr. Szymon, with guest cantor Karen Ramey (from St. Patrick’s Parish in Bay Ridge) which was accompanied by wonderful music provided by organist Carlos Benales and guest violinist Agata Manka. We are grateful for their talent and for the time they spent rehearsing with our Musical Director, Therese Panicali.  You all gave Fr. Szymon such a joyful gift and we thank you!

A special thanks our Parish priests and staff for the guidance given to Fr. Szymon during his time here.  You allowed him to see first-hand how a vibrant parish runs.  Finally, we thank our wonderful St. Anselm parishioners for welcoming Fr. Szymon into the “family”.  We have no doubt that Fr. Szymon will serve the parishioners in his new parish, St. Gregory the Great, with the same kind, caring nature he brought to his St. Anselm “home”!

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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