September 2017 – Saint Anselm Catholic Academy Begins New School Year

It was the last week of August, with Labor Day still a week away, and already the dedicated teachers and staff of St. Anselm Catholic Academy were in the school organizing materials and setting up classrooms for a wonderful, Christ-centered, new year of education for the children of St. Anselm Catholic Academy.


While happily taking advantage of the opportunity to find out how colleagues, AND FRIENDS, had spent their summer vacations, the academy teachers occupied themselves with putting up bulletin boards, setting out book sets, organizing cubbies, and doing the thousand and one things teachers do to make their classrooms a welcoming place for their students, a place for the children to feel AT HOME, while renewing and strengthening established friendships, creating new ones, and LEARNING.


On the Tuesday, following Labor Day, Principal James McKeon conducted the first formal conference, outlining the goals and standards for another successful year. But teachers and staff were not the only ones who came to the Academy early, to start the year of right. The last of three parent orientation evenings was held the last week of August to bring the home into partnership with the school for the best, and most successful year of learning (and fun) for every child at St. Anselm’s.


And as is proper. The first week of the St. Anselm Catholic Academy 2017 – 2018 Year concluded on Friday, September 8th, with a Mass celebrated in the church for the middle and upper grade students and staff.


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