March 18, 2018 – March Sunday Social

On the day after St. Patrick’s Day and the day before St. Joseph’s Day, spring may have been “in the air”, or on the minds
of Saint Anselm parishioners as they gathered on March 18th for the Sunday Social, but it was still very much winter with the
temperature hovering in the low 40’s and mounds of dirty snow, to be seen outside from the previous week’s storm.
In the Academy’s McMahon Auditorium, parishioners enjoyed the usual Sunday Social refreshments while sitting and chatting and “catching up’” on news and events, (though this time some of treats may have been more green than usual, as were a number of scarfs, necklaces and decorative items seen around the auditorium).
Young children enjoyed the treats served by the many wonderful, young volunteers from Brother Robert’s Religious Education
program, a co-host of the morning’s event – “thank you” for sharing your time and energy.
And as always, we thank our wonderful Sunday Social Committee Chairs: Mary and Tom, and the many volunteers who
make the Socials possible. 
Our next Sunday Social will be on April 29th – we hope to see you then!
All the best,
The St. Anselm Publicity Committee