April 21, 2018 – Celebrating the Feast of St. Anselm

St. Anselm Church celebrated the Feast of our parish patron, St. Anselm of Canterbury; with a special liturgy on Saturday, April 21st at the 11am Mass. Fr. Stephen Saffron was the celebrant. Msgr. Michael Phillips, Pastor Emeritus, and Fr. Anthony Alimnonu joined him as co-celebrants. Fr. Saffron expressed Msgr. Maloney’s regrets explaining that he was unable to attend the celebration due to a diocesan commitment.

The Mass began with Fr. Saffron incensing the statue of St. Anselm as a sign of respect. The Gloria, which is not customarily prayed as a part of the weekday liturgy was recited – as the Mass was actually the celebration of a Solemnity (did you know that when a parish celebrates its Patron’s Feast Day – that celebration is observed as a Solemnity within the parish?). The Liturgy was made particularly special for a Saturday morning by the congregation being led in song by the parish’s musical director, Therese Panicali, by the lighting of all the candles on the altar (a practice usually observed at St. Anselm for Easter, Christmas, and other solemnities), and by the beautiful floral arrangements at the Shrine of St. Anselm.

Fr. Saffron spoke about St. Anselm’s role and importance in the Church of the 11th century and the need we have as individuals and members of the parish to emulate that same commitment to the Church in our lives today. He also asked God’s blessing on all bishops, priests and religious – particularly those who have served or are serving at St. Anselm.

St. Anselm was born in Aosta, Italy in 1033. He was the Abbot of the Monastery of Bec in France and the Archbishop of Canterbury in England. He endeavored to reform abuses in the English church. St. Anselm was one of the leading theologians of his time. His writings, especially Cur Deus Homo, the Monologion, the Meditations, and the Prosologion,are considered important theological works. St. Anselm died in 1109. Pope Clement XI declared him a Doctor of the Church in 1720.

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The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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