March, 2018 – Learning about Keyhole Gardens at SACA

Are you familiar with Keyhole Gardens?  The fourth grade students at St. Anselm Catholic Academy learned how Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has helped the people in drought-stricken regions successfully grow crops using keyhole gardens, which are designed to use recycled material and water to grow certain crops.  For example, cardboard is used to hold in moisture to reduce the need for watering. In addition, gravel filters the water so that growers can use dishwater to water their crops.  

After watching a CRS video showing how villagers collaborated to construct a keyhole garden using cardboard, leaves, and tin cans, the students, under the supervision of STEM Lab teacher Christine Deem, then created individual versions of these gardens using recycled material.  Plastic soda caps were also provided as an alternate watering method in case students did not have access to spray bottles at home.

The students planted wheatgrass and one type of herb (either basil, parsley or thyme) in their individual keyhole gardens and brought them home.  What a wonderful project to remind students that every day is “Earth Day”!

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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