October 14, 2018 – St. Anselm October Sunday Social

McMahon Auditorium of Saint Anselm Catholic Academy was filled with hustle and bustle as parishioners gathered after the 10am Mass for the October 14th Sunday Social. While adults enjoyed coffee and tea, a donut and conversation, the children enjoyed hot cocoa and apple juice.

After an unusually prolonged warm and muggy September and early October, autumn had finally arrived. The serving table, decorated with jack-o-lantern table clothes and erasers and the Sunday Social’s mascot squirrel bedecked with a jack-o-lantern bib and lights set the mood for the change of seasons and the upcoming Halloween holiday.

The hall was particularly crowded because the Social followed the “Commitment Sunday” for candidates for Confirmation and because members of St. Anselm’s own Scout Troop 13 were present with a wonderful display of troop activities throughout the year and flyers to encourage membership.

Our thanks to the wonderful Sunday Social committee, chaired by Mary and Tom and all the wonderful volunteers: Barbara, Bob, Christina, Eileen, Josephine, Lynne, Nancy and Peter who set up, served, and cleaned up with a smile.

We hope you’ll join us at our next Sunday Social on November 18th following the 10am Mass. This Social will be especially important, as the parish will highlight the work of several ministries in order to encourage parishioners to volunteer. Volunteering is important, as it is the lifeblood of the Parish, the Academy, and all the many organizations, ministries, and groups the keep the wheels at St. Anselm turning.

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee  

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