October 27 & 28, 2018 – Louise Troisi Professional Clothing Drive

In spite of a nor’easter, which arrived Saturday morning and lasted on through early Sunday, with much rain and high winds, St. Anselm parishioners answered the call to “Clean Out Your Closets” on the weekend of October 27th and 28th in support the Louise Troisi Professional Clothing Drive.

Parishioners came with hangers holding freshly dry-cleaned shirts, blouses, dresses, pants and suits, as well as countless bags filled with cleaned and pressed clothing, shoes, purses and accessories. The donated items will benefit young adults seeking to move into professional jobs while being assisted by programs sponsored by HeartShare Human Services and Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Brooklyn.

HeartShare and its Family of Services have over 100 programs in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. HeartShare Human Services and The HeartShare School encourage greater independence for children and adults with intellectual disabilities through residential, educational, health care, employment, life skills and case management, as well as recreational programs. HeartShare supports people with disabilities to get a sound education and lead happy and fulfilling lives in the community.

Catholic Charities runs the Intern & Earn Program, which was formerly known as the Young Adult Internship Program (YAIP). This program is designed for youth between the ages of 16 and 24 who are out of school and out of work and interested in gaining work experience through one of several worksites located throughout the five boroughs.

The program is divided into three parts. The first part, Orientation, consists of 3 weeks of paid instruction on Work Readiness, Healthy Living and Financial Literacy. During this time, the interns are required to dress business casual/formal attire in order to promote a professional environment. Due to the financial state of the program’s target population, formal attire isn’t always accessible to them and thus the staff has done their best to accommodate them, as having financial troubles should not prevent the students from participating.

The second part, the Internship Phase, gives participants experience in a work site related to their career. From law offices to retail, they will continue to be supported by the staff in order to ensure transitioning to the third and final phase.

The third part of the program, consist of Follow Up. During the Follow Up Phase, staff will continue to remain in contact with students while placing them in employment, training or an educational institution.                                                                                                  

Thanks to the generous donation of St. Anselm’s parish, Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens will be able to offer young people the formal attire they are required to have for the program. Many of the interns come from struggling families and they do not have access or resources to enter into the professional world and through the combination of the St. Anselm donations and Catholic Charities, the program will be able to give these young people the opportunity to develop their own professional careers.

This was the fourth Professional Clothing Drive held by the parish, and the second to be held in memory of Louise Troisi, a parishioner who volunteered in many aspects of parish life – especially as part of the Consolation Ministry. Louise’s warmth and caring insight helped to shape the drive held this past weekend.

We thank Kim Parker and her committee: Jeanine Condon, Florence Diaz, Bob Kassenbrock, Eileen Loughlin, Peter Loughlin, Regina McPadden and Cono for helping to collect the items, – greeting and thanking donors arriving with their gifts and – helping to pack the donations for transport. A special “thank you” to Msgr. Maloney for allowing the use of the Rosary Chapel as a collection site and for supporting this very worthwhile activity. And, most of all – THANK YOU – to the many parishioners who generously donated their clothing and accessories, and gave their time and energy in bringing their gifts to the Rosary Chapel to make this wonderful event in memory of Louise a success.

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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