November 18, 2018 – A November Sunday Social for Service

The last Sunday Social of 2018 was held on November 18th and had a very special theme – service to our Parish.  Volunteers from Parish ministries (Consolation, Eucharistic, Lectors, Music, Pastoral Care, Religious Education, Ushers, and Workforce), and committees (Church Decorating, Fundraising, Social) were on hand to discuss their work and answer any questions.  The Parishioners responded to the call to serve by signing up for many ministries and committees. We are grateful to our Ministers and Committee Members (Bro. Robert, Bob, Eileen,  Florence, Jeanine, Joan, Lynne, Mary Jane, and Kim for their service to the Parish and for volunteering their time to meet with Parishioners.  A special thanks for Deacon Tom and Msgr. Maloney for coordinating the event. 

We are also “thankful” for our Sunday Social Chairs Mary & Tom and volunteers:  Bob, Eileen, Josephine, Lynne, Nancy, Pat, and Peter for all their help.  Events like the Socials could never happen without you.

Our first Sunday Social of 2018 will be held on January 27th which marks the start of Catholic Schools Week.  We hope you will join us for more wonderful times, crafts for our young artists, and information about the wonderful educational programs and activities which set St. Anselm Catholic Academy apart from the rest!  See you in the New Year!

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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