May 8, 2019 – Bishop’s Dinner for Scouting

Bishop DiMarzio presented Awards in recognition of service to Scouting at the annual Bishop’s Dinner for Scouting on Wednesday evening, May 8th at the El Caribe. Among those honored was New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill, who received the Good Scout Award.

Service to scouting at St. Anselm was recognized with the presentation of the Bronze Pelican Award to Harry D’Onofrio, and the St. George Emblem Award to our pastor, Msgr. John Maloney and to Mirek Brzezinski.

The Bronze Pelican Award honors service to Catholic values in Scouting by recalling the ancient tradition of identifying the pelican as a symbol of Christ. The St. George Emblem, in memory of the ancient martyr, is awarded in recognition of efforts on behalf of Scouting and the contribution to the spiritual development of Catholic youth in scouting.

Earlier in the week, service to Scouting was recognized at the presentation of the Ad Altare Awards on Sunday, May 5th, to Nicholas D’Onofrio, Michael Palumbo, Zack Kirkeby, Matthew Lambert, Andrew Lambert, and William Gonzalez.

St. Anselm Youth Activities offers scouting opportunities for both boys and girls of all ages. We thank the many scout leaders who volunteer countless hours on behalf of the youth of our parish and community, providing wonderful Scouting experiences, while encouraging intellectual and moral growth.

All the best,

The Saint Anselm Publicity Committee

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