June 5, 2019 – The US Coast Guard Visits SACA Students

The motto of the U.S. Coast Guard is “Semper Paratus” which is Latin for “Always Ready”, and this readiness was evident during their June 5th visit to SACA.  Coast Guardsmen under the guidance of Commander Devon Brennan arrived with 2 rescue boats and quickly began setting up rescue equipment including helmets, ropes, lifesavers, floatation devices, and safety vests for the children in grades Kindergarten – Second to explore.  And once the children arrived, the fun (and learning) began.

The children were brought to the walkway wall where they sat, excitedly anticipating the arrival of Ruthie the Belgian Malinois K-9 who demonstrated her ability to sniff out dangerous items by finding the correct model in the case.  The children asked questions about Ruthie and learned that she lived with her partner and could jump more than five feet high.  The children said goodbye to Ruthie and got ready for more adventures with the Coast Guard—moving through stations that included:  boarding a rescue boat, donning the safety vests, examining the floatation devices and even seeing how long they could manage to wear the heavy utility vest worn by the Guardsmen.  The final station was the tug of war which was done in true Coast Guard fashion with the children chanting “Heave-Ho” as they tugged the sturdy rope.

We are extremely grateful to Commander Brennan, his Coast Guard Officers: Powell, Marquez, Barone, Bell, Fernandez, Nelson, Haney, and Beck and, of course, Ruthie the K-9 for such an unforgettable time.  We are grateful to have the Coast Guard watching over our waters to keep us safe!  Thanks as well to our wonderful teachers and to Principal Kevin Flanagan.  Finally, thanks to SACA President John Quaglione and Board Member Bob Fugowski. 

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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