October 16, 2022 – St. Anselm October Sunday Social

St. Anselm held its second Sunday Social of 2022 in the McMahon Auditorium following the 10AM Mass, on October 16th.

Parishioners arrived with smiles on their faces and an appetite for hot drinks and delicious donuts, as well as the every popular donut holes.  While helping themselves to the tasty variety of treats, the gathering happily engaged in conversation with family and friends.

Parishioners also had the opportunity to welcome our new pastor, Rev. Fr. John Hwang, who met and chatted with the family groups and individuals throughout the hall. Msgr. Phillips, Fr. Anthony Alimnonu, and Deacon Tom Davis were also on hand to enjoy the gathering.

Events such as the Sunday Socials don’t just happen, and so we thank: Eileen Loughlin, Co – Chair, and our wonderful volunteers – Bob Kassenbrock, Peter Loughlin, Linda Naradovy, Nancy Nolan, Pat Stramka, & Josephine Volpe for making this joyful gathering of the parish possible.

We hope to see you at our next Sunday Social on November 20th.

All the best,
The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

(Click for photos.)