October 22, 2022 – St. Anselm Youth Activities Halloween Party

There were certainly interesting “characters” present in Meletia Hall on Saturday, October 22nd and not one of them seemed to mind all the bats hovering around the ceiling or the spiderwebs on the pillars.  Instead, the superheroes, animals, witches (both good and…), and of course, princesses had a phenomenal time playing at the prize centers, doing the Limbo, decorating pumpkins, making sand art, visiting the Haunted Maze, and wrapping mummies.  There were also snacks, pizza, and drinks for revelers of all ages.  We even learned an etiquette lesson as well— it turns out that it’s appropriate for a princess to eat pizza while wearing her tiara.  (Good to know!)

The St. Anselm Youth Activities Program is well-known for its fantastic Family Parties, and this was no exception with volunteers and junior volunteers working to ensure that each child and family had a Halloween to remember.  And so, we thank Chairperson Christina Cafiero; the Amazing Haunted Maze builder John Cafiero; the Spooktacular Decorators: Nicole Cornell, Tawyna Ducceschi, Sharon Diaz, Michelle Maataoui, Delmy McCluskey, & Aracely Negron.  Irene Lanigan & Michele Soto oversaw the Raffle Sales and Bob Motavalli & John McCluskey helped with clean up.  The Pizza Servers were Jenna Caulfield, Danielle Long, Kelly Nash, & Marla Rooney.  Last but certainly not least were the student volunteers who helped the children at all the centers: John & Joseph Cafiero, James Condon, Kate & Meg Dean, Juliana Fadel, Gabriel Gonzalez, Nia Koufos, Giulia LoPiccolo, John McCluskey, Valentina Mejia, Shane Proscia, Jayden Roman, Frankie Rooney, Samantha Soto, & Charlie Zogby.  We are grateful!

All the best,
The Scary St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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