April 8, 2023 – Decorating the Church for Easter

Morning Prayer had been prayed and the Easter Food had been blessed, and all was quiet…when a group of Saint Anselm parishioners gathered in the Rosary Chapel on Holy Saturday morning to decorate the church for Easter.

Lilies and hydrangeas were stripped of their plastic wrapping, given trays to catch water and carried out of the chapel and into the sanctuary – around the altar and to the major shrines. Plants were placed on stands to make them more visible to the congregation in the pews, and then there was the rearranging that makes for a beautiful presentation: this lily is too short – we need a taller one for this spot – all to better grace the church.

An activity like this requires many people to make it all happen – and so, “Thank you” to the committee members who met with the florist and the gardening center to discuss the arrangements, to the volunteers who gathered on Holy Saturday morning – Fr. John, Fr. Ray, Fr. Anthony, Anne & Dan, Bernadette, Bob, Christine & Issy, Cono, Eileen, Florence, Josephine, Kim, Judy, Linda, Mary Jane, and Margo who gave their time and energy to prepare our church for Easter. And, a special “Thank you” to our parishioners who generously donated to the Easter Flower Fund, enabling the parish to purchase the plants that graced the church for this special Solemnity.

With the Easter banner hung and the new Paschal candle positioned in the sanctuary, to be lighted at every Mass throughout the Easter season, the Church was beautifully prepared for Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord.

We wish you and all your loved ones a most joyous Easter Season!

All the best,
The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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