September 17, 2023 – September Sunday Social

Sunday, September 17th was a happy occasion for St. Anselm Parish. At our first Sunday Social of the year in the McMahon Auditorium, we welcomed the newest member of our St. Anselm family – Msgr. Ronald Marino. Msgr. Marino was previously pastor of Regina Pacis Parish. We’re very happy to have him with us – Welcome Msgr. Marino! 

The Social also marked the beginning of the St. Anselm’s CCD program for the year – with dozens of children and their parents enjoying a wonderful selection of delicious refreshments before heading off to their classrooms. “Thank You” to the parents for placing an importance on their children being educated in our Catholic faith, and “Thank You” to the wonderful instructors who volunteer their time and energy throughout the year.

The Social also afforded parishioners with the opportunity to sit down, chat and catch up with one another about their summer activities while enjoying the delicious refreshments. And, in addition to meeting Msgr. Marino, the Social gave parishioners the opportunity to say hello to Msgr. Phillips, Fr. Ray, and Deacon Tom. 

Sunday Socials don’t just happen, and so we say “Thank You” to the volunteers who handled the setting up and serving with grace and efficiency: Danique, Bob Kassenbrock, Peter & Eileen Loughlin, Linda Naradovy, Judy Savarese, Pat Stramka, and Josephine Volpe. We also wish to express our appreciation to the parishioners who contributed to the Sunday Social Fund. 

 We hope to see you at our next Sunday Social – November 19th.

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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