October 12-15, 2023 – St. Anselm Fall Carnival

The wonderful St. Anselm 2023 Fall Carnival returned to Bay Ridge this October. It was an occasion for celebrating with rides, prizes, foods, raffles and Fun – for kids, ages 6 to 66 and up!

The Carnival opened on Thursday, October 12th to happy parishioners and Bay Ridge residents. Unfortunately, Thursday was cut short when the generator blew, shutting down power for the evening and curtailing the first day’s activities. We reopened on Friday, the 13th – yes, it was for us a lucky day with great weather and even greater participation, and crowds enjoying themselves. Then, sadly Saturday arrived and we were rained out. But, our spirits were not dampened. And the Carnival reopened on Sunday, the 15th, for its final day with a super turnout.

All of this work, both the preparation and the actual days of the Carnival happened because of the tremendous support of a huge group of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the Carnival a success “Thank You”: Frankelly Adames, Cono D’Alora, Bill Dean, Florence & Ossie Diaz, Kevin Flanagan, Christina Franz, Chris Gallagher, Bob Kassenbrock, Eileen & Peter Loughlin, Bernadette McLaughlin, Kim Parker, Judy Savarese, Michele Soto, Barbara Thomas, Kathy Thurlow, and Suzanne Whiteaker – and, our wonderful student volunteers: Gabi, James, John, and Keira, “Thank You All”!

We also thank Msgr. Phillips, Fr. Ray, and our pastor, Fr. John who visited every day, greeting people and showing their support.

Most especially –  “THANK YOU” to Jeanine Condon, our Committee Chair – whose commitment to the Carnival brought it back to St. Anselm, and who worked tirelessly, planning and running the event.  Jeanine, we are grateful for your expertise and dedication to our Parish.

Finally, a “thank you” to our Parishioners and Bay Ridge neighbors who attended, enjoyed, and supported the Fall Carnival. Thank you all for supporting St. Anselm and the restoration of our bell tower. 

All the best,
The Saint Anselm Publicity Committee

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