October 21, 2023 – Youth Activities 19th Annual Halloween Spooktacular

Ghost and vampires, princesses and superheroes were to be seen a plenty at the Youth Activities 19th Annual Spooktacular on October 21st in Bay Ridge Catholic’s Meletia Hall. There was also an assortment of dragons, Draculas, witches, and just plain cute Dalmatians, Little Red Riding Hoods and a Stay Puff Marshmallow Man as children, parents, and grandparents gathered to celebrate Halloween.

And celebrate they did!!! – Enjoying the Haunted Maze, ring toss, arts & crafts table, and other games – as well as the opportunity to decorate their own pumpkin and get a temporary tattoo. The youngsters also had the opportunity to take up ball room dancing – Well not really – as the youngsters learned the intricacies of the Chicken Dance, the YMCA and how to go under that ever-descending bar in the Limbo, with a DJ, who clearly understood just what his young dancers would enjoy most, while having fun under a cloud of swarming bats.

A definite crowd pleaser was the ever-popular “Mummy Wrap” in which the children willingly stood still while parents, grandparents, and friends wrapped them in rolls of TP, what could be more fun!

And, what is the food of choice of monsters, superheroes, and adults – pizza, of course, followed by a delicious selection of cupcakes and cookies.

Then, after the games, the dancing and the delicious treats there were the raffles, the ever popular 50/50 and a fun selection of Halloween-themed prizes coveted as much by the kids as by the adults.

Wonderful, fun-filled activities like the St. Anselm Youth Activities Halloween Spooktacular don’t just happen – and so we say “Thank You” to Christina Cafiero, Committee Chair, and to a great groups of volunteers who spent countless hours making all the magic happen: John Cafiero – Master Builder of the Spooky Maze, Lisette Ardovini, Cathy Baez, Nicole Cornell, Eileen Loughlin, Michelle Maataoui, Jessica Noerling, and Ed & Sue Volpe and a great group of student volunteers: Jack, James, Jenny, John, Juliana, Gabriella, Kate, Liam, Lucas, Meghan, Samantha, Samuel, Shane, Tiana, and Zoe. Thank you all for brining the joy of Halloween to so many wonderful kids.

All the best,
The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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