December 3, 2023 – St. Anselm Youth Activities Christmas Workshop

Saint Anselm Youth Activities held its much-loved Christmas Workshop in the Academy’s McMahon Auditorium and Meletia Hall on Sunday, December 3rd. Attracting participants of all ages, the fun event has been held for 49 years! In fact, many of those who participated were there with their children and grandchildren, having first taken part when they themselves were young.

They came by the dozens (and dozens!) to have a great, joy-filled afternoon of fun and friendship while making wreaths, centerpieces, and miniature trees to decorate their homes for the holiday season. And – to put the finishing touches on their masterpieces, participants were able to purchase bows, ribbons, and ornaments to decorate their creations.

To make the gathering more festive, the ladies dressed for the occasion, wearing an array of head pieces with Santas, Snowmen, Christmas trees, and the ever-popular reindeer antlers, earrings and necklaces in an amazing assortment of holiday designs, blouses and scarfs in holiday colors, shirts proclaiming holiday greetings, Santa and elf hats and the traditional Youth Activities Workshop apron – all conveying a feeling of joy. While working, participants had the opportunity to take a chance on the beautiful selection of raffle gifts and the 50/50 raffle.

Organizing the Christmas Workshop is always a monumental task and a labor of love, and so a special “thank you” to the 2023 Chairs: Michele Soto and Anne Texeira, as well as to an army of volunteers: Barbara Thomas, John Thomas, Elizabeth Texeira, Kiera Thomas, Kate Dean, Meg Dean, Samantha Soto, Sara Medina, Gabi Soto, Samantha Jiang, Lauren Hickman, Daniella Fallah, Thomas Manto, Daniel McKenna, Julia Yurman, Sam Slaviesek, Julian Figueras, Tatiana Zhang, Jack Gallagher, Johanna Hamdan, Cono D’Alora, and Frankelly Adames who made this wonderful, joyous event possible.

Congratulations and Thank You to St. Anselm Youth Activities Christmas Workshop for 49 wonderful years  – we’re all looking forward to the 50th in 2024!

All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee

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