April 26, 2024 – MUSIC BINGO

On Friday evening, April 26th, St. Anselm Parish enjoyed a fun-filled evening of MUSIC BINGO – a crazy match-up of traditional bingo cards and a musical trip down memory lane with parishioners and their friends searching their cards for the titles of popular songs from TV shows, the 60s, and the 70s.

Those in attendance had a wonderful time, enjoying each other’s company, and enjoying a selection of soft drinks and a variety of snacks. And, in addition, there was an amazing variety of favorite wines as well as an incredible assortment of foods all brought in by the participants themselves – if there had been a hurricane, we could have survived for days on the selection of pizzas, cheeses, chips, salsa, sandwiches, cookies, candies, and oh yes, something healthy – fruit.

With music playing the audience searched their cards for the titles of popular songs to make the required pattern, a single line, intersecting lines, Xs, etc., all to be able to shout out – BINGO!!!, and claim their winner’s prize, a bottle of wine.

While the songs were being played, participants had the opportunity to try their luck on a fantastic raffle selection of donated gifts and the ever popular 50/50. Thank you to the generous donors for your gifts: the Loughlin Family, Bob Kassenbrock, the Condon Family, Judy Savarese, Jo Volpe, Mary McCarthy, Bay Ridge Catholic Academy’s Home Academy Association, Charmed by JLM, the Fabris Family, the Diaz Family, the Quaglione Family, Debbie Killoran, Marie Jakubowiz, and the Nolan Family. There certainly were a lot of people going home happy with their newly acquired treasures.

It was a wonderful evening for St. Anselm Parish. Thank you Fr. John for your support. And, thank you to a great group of dedicated volunteers: Jeanine Condon, Eileen & Peter Loughlin, Bob Kassenbrock, Jo Volpe, Danique, Linda Naradovy, Judy Savarese, Barbara Fabris, Linda Lombardo, Florence Diaz, Barbara Geary, Esperanza Ramos, Melissa Torres, Nikki Pappamichael, Fr. Ray and Suzanne Whiteaker who made the evening happen. And, thanks to all our parishioners and the community for coming out to Saint Anselm’s MUSIC BINGO.


All the best,

The St. Anselm Publicity Committee


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