Religious Life/Vocations

The Priesthood

We believe that God is calling many young men to the priesthood. Could you be one of those men? Has anybody ever said to you that you would make a good priest? Have you thought about the idea, but tried to put it out of your mind? We challenge you now to consider it. Ask the Lord through prayer and the sacraments whether or not you are being called to continue the work of His Son to save souls. Could it be to serve His people right here in the Diocese of Brooklyn?

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Religious Life

Most sisters and brothers are very ordinary people who have an “extraordinary” love for God and God’s people and have a burning desire to witness to the love of Jesus, sharing the Good News and serving others, especially those in need. Religious life has a special role in witnessing to the world and it is worth giving up everything else for the sake of God and the Kingdom of God.

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